Just a electric blue Ukulele. It’s in great condition and very cute. $45 at our original Mothership Haskell location!!

Our Blessed Saints

Wonderful Old World painted paper mache fetish dolls from the different regions of Mexico. A little bit sacred and beautifully decorative if ‘eclectic’ is your taste level! Each sold separately at our Little Sister Shop in Oak Cliff~Dolly On Bishop.

Kachina Dolls!

Quite an assortment of vintage reservation tourist Kachina dolls! $28-48! At our original Haskell location!!

Masters of the Universe

A vintage Skeletor (one of the original Bad Boys) unopened puzzle $28 at our Haskell location.

Don’t Eat It!

4 very cute Texas Ware vintage ‘If you don’t need it…’ plates! $30 for the pair at our Original Haskell Location!


This is a great example of the beauty of mid century modern when everything was in technicolor! This radio works! $225. At our Bishop Arts District location, Dolly On Bishop.


Probably the best hand knit vintage Pug sweater we have ever seen! $128 at our Haskell location!


What an amazing patriotic wool hooked rug!! $88. At our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District location~Dolly On Bishop!

Decor Deal

Two very fun Nouveau style art posters up for sale! Each dated 1971. Priced way too cheep at $88 each! At our Haskell location!!