Brass and Glass

Such a regal coffee table with ‘lion head’ detailing! $225. At our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District location~Dolly On Bishop!

Bag it up!

Nothing says more about a lady’s style than a great bag. And we have some great ones. From carry ons to carry all’s, casual to black tie. Make an iconic statement or keep it basic and simple. We keep a great selection in rotation at both our locations!!

This Is A Pair of Levi’s

Shops used to display a pair of these oversized Jeans in their windows and walls as an advertisement for Levi’s in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This huge pair is at our Haskell location! $750.


Wonderfully crazy and iconic mid-century pitcher and cups at our Oak Cliff ~Bishop Arts District~Little Sister Shop~Dolly On Bishop! $220.


We have a great selection of wacky tapestries and other unique various fabrics at both our locations! Vintage cotton horoscope bedspread $68 at our Bishop Arts location!