“The Possum’s” Last “No Show”

Cloud 8 has been making a big push to broaden the country music LP selection in the store.  Here are a few from Country music legend, George Jones. “No Show” Jones was widely known and often celebrated for his hard-drinkin’, fast-livin’, unreliable reputation which preceded him in the 60’s and 70’s.  With over a 150 hit songs under his belt and buckle, he became an avid, and public complainant of pop influenced, modern country music in his later years.  The 90’s saw Jones and many of his colleagues removed from radio air play for new, weekly, pop hits.  He continued to perform and record right up until the end of his life however, to an ever growing and dedicated fan base. On April 26, 2013, after being hospitalized for fever and irregular blood pressure, Jones died in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 81 years old.



Two Trannys and a Scorpion

That’s it and that’s all. $75-195



Just a great classic buffalo head mount. It has age and is very graceful. $1150.







Record Store Day!

In honor of Record Store Day, Cloud 8 Records will be taking 20% off ALL of its music inventory at the store, April 20th and 21st.  Bucks (owner of Cloud 8) will be hanging out all day (both days) giving out sweet deals,  even some freebies!  So when you are done chasing down deals all over town on new release vinyl, come by and pick out your old favorites at Dolly!

Where else are you going to find records like this in Dallas ?!?!?!20130420-112139.jpg

(LEFT) A fabulous, super obscure, collectors album; Nudie & His Mandolin is an original pressing from the famed western Tailor & creator of the “Nudie Suit”, worn by Hollywood and Nashville stars alike.  The inside booklet contains dozens of pictures of Nudie and his celebrity friends.  The inside cover includes autographs by Nudie and Guy Madison.  Record is in good condition, minor wear on cover.

(RIGHT) An album recorded by chance on December 18th 1969: Buddy and The Juniors is a raw, informal, acoustic session consisting of Chicago’s greatest blues artists; Buddy Guy, Junior Mance, and Junior Wells. The impromptu recording was done in one day, followed by one day of mixing in the studio, and later released on the Blue Thumb label in 1970.  Its creation began a long feud with Guy’s label at the time, Vanguard.  After they refused to pay for his flight to New York to mix an album he’d already cut with Junior Mance and Gary Bartz, Guy responded by teaming up with “the Juniors” and Blue Thumb boss, Bob Krasnow, to produce this gritty, must have album for blues lovers.  This marble colored vinyl is in great condition, with minimal ware on cover.

Howdy Doody

Allison really does look good in anything!  Great, over sized, Howdy Doody mask she found in the Webbs’ booth.  Fantastic. $29820130419-134053.jpg


Just a cute little chipmunk under beautiful glass dome. $149


Little Tramp

Allison is wearing a fitted Yoshi Yamamoto tux jacket, a cute 1950’s blouse, an antique bowler hat, sailor pants and a beautiful grape cluster necklace by Reincarnate. All available here at Dolly.





Rare Music Ads from Cloud 8

This New Musical Express ad from 1979 is a double promo for The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle by the Sex Pistols. In collaboration with their manager, Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols created this “mockumentary” which tells a fictional story of the formation, rise and subsequent breakup of the band. By the time the double album soundtrack was released, the band had already broken up (for real). Johnny Rotten’s refusal to participate in recording sessions resulted in the supplementation of John Lydon’s vocals from the October 1976 demo session recording. This rare and historical ad is in great condition and framed to sell. 20130415-130219.jpg


Featured in Melody Marker Magazine in 1976, this is a rare promo ad for Grateful Dead’s live double album, Steal Your Face. It is in great condition and framed for purchase. 20130415-130232.jpg

David Bowie’s 6th studio release, Aladdin Sane (a pun on “A Lad Insane”) was released in 1973. Bowie himself described Aladdin Sane as simply “Ziggy goes to America”, most of the tracks being observations he composed on the road during his 1972 U.S. tour. This original ad from Melody Maker Magazine was the debut of this iconic Bowie image. Excellent condition and framed for purchase.20130415-130241.jpg