What’s so Funny?

Our new vintage comic book case is hilarious! Come check it out at our Haskell location!!

Autopsy Stamps

A wonderful collection of stamps. I was told they were made for autopsies. $200 for the set.



David Bowie and THEN some…

20140212-141957.jpgNeed some David Bowie records?  Don’t bother going from record store to record store all over town, just come by Dolly and check out Cloud 8 Records.  With over 50 different LP titles in stock (arranged chronologically of course) and various pressings of each you are going to find what you are looking for AND THEN SOME!!

Featured above:

Autographed (and dated, 1999) Hours Promo Print, guaranteed authentic.  Rare and a great investment.

Mint 80’s Pinups pressing, autographed by the now deceased Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson.  Beautiful must have!

The highly coveted Special album, 2 LP best of collection, issued in Japan only, complete with OBI strip.  A crown jewel for any Bowie collector, LP and cover are mint.

Never Let Me Down, issued in 87 on blue vinyl, Australian release.

1977 release, Heroes – German pressing  (recorded in Berlin)

First in the Berlin trilogy, Low (1977). This is a mint first pressing with the original blank orange back cover (free of song titles added to later pressings)

Also to be found in the fabulous Cloud 8 Bowie collection are US first edition orange label RCA, clear vinyl RYKODISC, color vinyl limited pressings, promo copies, various imports from across the globe, vintage Bowie magazine covers, album ads, 45s. and even 8 Track tapes!



Halloween is in the air!

It’s the perfect season to buy all your creepy favorites up here at Dolly. Our dealers are stocking up with all kinds of great costume accessories and decorations. This hand painted, early Masonic, ceremonial paper mâché skull can easily be justified by the Holidays but will make a great display all year long.



Medical Charts

Two really great LARGE medical charts 4 sale. Both vintage dating from the late 1940’s to the 1950’s. $80-400.



Huge Santa Movie Poster!!!

Huge ‘A Merry Christmas’ original movie poster from 1953. In ‘ok’ condition!!! Beautiful and bright!! 5 feet by 3 feet. $125


Satanic Rock Music!!!

This late 70s early 80s anti-rock music rag touts the evils of the popular music of the day, in the hopes of warning parents and potentially damned souls of said music’s inherently dangerous nature. $38.





Wanted For Murder

These bad boys were wanted for murder back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Littered with descriptions like ‘Occupation, a peddler, or a violin player in a band.’ or ‘natty dresser’ or ‘This man is alleged to be a narcotic addict and will associate with bootleggers, dope addicts and underworld characters.’ love. $60 each.