Manniquin Heads

Two really great plaster Lamoureux mannequin heads from the 1930’s. These lovelys are rare because they are old store displays. Both are in perfect condition with real human hair. $145 each.



Totem Poles!!!

We have a nice selection of vintage souvenir totems.

The meanings of the designs on totem poles are as varied as the cultures that make them. Totem poles may recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, but others are mostly artistic. Certain types of totem poles are part of mortuary structures, and incorporate grave boxes with carved supporting poles, or recessed backs for grave boxes. Poles illustrate stories that commemorate historic persons, represent shamanic powers, or provide objects of public ridicule.


Happy Memorial Day

Today is the holiday that kicks off summer! Here are some great classics we have to offer. Perfect soundtracks for your poolside shenanigans!


Chalk Family

One of our vendors here at Dolly just brought in a beautiful little collection of old Chalk Americana. All the chalk pieces offered here are from carnivals and each one was awarded as a prize from a carnival game of skill and luck. $34-100.


Horns From Nuevo Laredo

This is a old, great, folky, assemblage of horns from the town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. These were fairly common souvenirs back in the day. I believe this one is from the 1940’s. $150


Legend of the Christ

Beautiful and classic print in fabulous Victorian frame, approx. 26″ x 22″.  $12020130523-132052.jpg

Another find from the Webbs’ booth, this is a great, early religious, framed lithograph, approx 15″ x 19″.  $4520130523-132058.jpg

The many faces we wear..

The Webbs have just returned from a great buying trip.  There are so many great new pieces in their booth, including these fabulous, old theater masks.  They look magnificent as a set, but are priced individually at $95 each.  20130522-120320.jpg