What A Man.

A celebrated Dallas Icon. They don’t make them like this anymore! Vintage Tom Landry T! $48. At our Haskell location!

Instant Party

Add a disco ball if you mean business! $24 at our original Mothership location on Haskell!!

Folk Music

Weird and wonderful electric guitar made from a antique chocolate tin! Works great! $300. At our little sister shop~Dolly On Bishop!


Spread them on your bed or couch, hang them on the wall, it’s as easy as that! We have a bunch to choose from!

Liquid Metal

Just a absolutely wonderful vintage mesh halter made by the legendary Whiting n Davis company. $225. At our little Bishop Arts District shop, Dolly On Bishop!

Egyptian Revival

A nice little antique painting from the 1920’s/30’s at our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District~Sister Shop~Dolly On Bishop!! $150.


Nothin beats a great pair of vintage boots. These just confirm that above statement to be fact. Metallic Silver and purple leather 1970’s boots. Ladies size 8. $150. New to our little sister shop Dolly On Bishop~Deep in the heart of Oak Cliff’s fantastic Bishop Arts District!