Little Lights

Two very pretty antique lamps for your bedside table. At our Bishop Arts Little Sister Shop Dolly On Bishop.

Casket Stand

Just a beautiful 1920’s casket stand that can be used to hold many other things in its next life. $225. At our original Haskell location!!

Instant Party

Add a disco ball if you mean business! $24 at our original Mothership location on Haskell!!

Egyptian Revival

A nice little antique painting from the 1920’s/30’s at our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District~Sister Shop~Dolly On Bishop!! $150.


Just a very nice framed collection of Victorian Valentines! So Lovely! $65 at our Haskell location.


Two vintage pillow cases featuring an old favorite. $28 each. At our-Little Sister Shop-Dolly on Bishop!