We got in a few larger pieces of the 1960’s luggage set priced and sold separately. At our Haskell location!

In Memory Of

This is a beautiful Victorian European hand carved locket made of Gutta Percha. Lovely! At our original Mothership Haskell location! $150.

Little Lights

Two very pretty antique lamps for your bedside table. At our Bishop Arts Little Sister Shop Dolly On Bishop.

Casket Stand

Just a beautiful 1920’s casket stand that can be used to hold many other things in its next life. $225. At our original Haskell location!!


Wonderful historical ARMY yard long of African American Platoon from 1943. At our Haskell location.

Flying Monkey

Every wicked witch needs one!! At our Original Haskell location!! $50.

Plaza Purse

What a gem of a 1960’s bag! Dead stock from the infamous Century Plaza Hotel in California! $150. At our little sister Shop~Dolly On Bishop!!


It’s an original 1988 light up Bud Lite Spuds McKenzie lamp! At our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District Shop~Dolly On Bishop! $225.


One great Iconic LARGE framed photo of what made Ft. Wort Texas famous. $88. At our original Haskell location!!