The Iconic T

We always have a fantastic rotating selection of iconic and ironic vintage Ts at both our locations! These are new to Dolly On Bishop!! $48-58.


This is a fabulous vintage nostalgic poster from 1994. It’s framed and ready for its next forever home! $195 at Dolly Python.


A beautiful and original French lithograph from 1925 for your consideration! $59. Available at Dolly Python!

Potty Humor

Ahh the 1970’s. The 1970’s would never survive today’s cancel culture. These cute little potty plackets are $8 each! Available at our Mothership Shop Dolly Python on Haskell!

Disco Ball

Just when you think you have it all, along comes a disco ball bucket hat that’s cute and well made! $45. At our original Mothership Haskell location!

The Band

A classic 1960’s bull frog band. A kitsch taxidermy classic! Forever frozen in time in a framed shadow box. $65. At our original Mothership Haskell location!