Go Cowboys

Someone in the 1980’s really loved the Dallas Cowboys enough to do this obnoxious plushy wall hanging. It can be yours for $88. At Dolly On Bishop!


Wonderful vintage ladies size small zip up hoodie! New to our Haskell location!!

Creep Tunes!

Everyday is Halloween! Get moody with the black nail polish and eyeliner and let us provide the soundtracks all on vinyl! At both or locations!!

Trick Or Treat!

1990’s Mickey Mouse Glow Mold Treat Bucket!! $28. At our original Haskell location!

Flying Monkey

Every wicked witch needs one!! At our Original Haskell location!! $50.


It’s an original 1988 light up Bud Lite Spuds McKenzie lamp! At our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District Shop~Dolly On Bishop! $225.