The glorious mid of the last century sparked a modern movement. Edgy clean lines of space and distance became the norm. This clock was one of the greatest examples. Many had similar hanging in their living rooms. $88 (it works!) at our little sister shop in the heart of Oak Cliff’s fabulous Bishop Arts District~Dolly On Bishop!

Light IT

Just a very happy Modern lamp. Works Great. $48 at our original Haskell location!


This is a great example of the beauty of mid century modern when everything was in technicolor! This radio works! $225. At our Bishop Arts District location, Dolly On Bishop.

How Mod of Us

Super awesome mid century pair of lamps! $200 (for the pair) at our Little Sister Shop~Dolly On Bishop.


Wonderfully crazy and iconic mid-century pitcher and cups at our Oak Cliff ~Bishop Arts District~Little Sister Shop~Dolly On Bishop! $220.