They don’t make em like this anymore. And they last forever and some of the masters of hair believe something like is The Holy Grail of their craft. This has never been used. $38. At Dolly On Bishop!

What A Man.

A celebrated Dallas Icon. They don’t make them like this anymore! Vintage Tom Landry T! $48. At our Haskell location!

Our Blessed Saints

Wonderful Old World painted paper mache fetish dolls from the different regions of Mexico. A little bit sacred and beautifully decorative if ‘eclectic’ is your taste level! Each sold separately at our Little Sister Shop in Oak Cliff~Dolly On Bishop.

Kachina Dolls!

Quite an assortment of vintage reservation tourist Kachina dolls! $28-48! At our original Haskell location!!

Masters of the Universe

A vintage Skeletor (one of the original Bad Boys) unopened puzzle $28 at our Haskell location.

Don’t Eat It!

4 very cute Texas Ware vintage ‘If you don’t need it…’ plates! $30 for the pair at our Original Haskell Location!


This is a great example of the beauty of mid century modern when everything was in technicolor! This radio works! $225. At our Bishop Arts District location, Dolly On Bishop.


Probably the best hand knit vintage Pug sweater we have ever seen! $128 at our Haskell location!


What an amazing patriotic wool hooked rug!! $88. At our Oak Cliff~Bishop Arts District location~Dolly On Bishop!