Stubbs & Wootton

I the owner and my husband personally love this brand. This pair of pirate slippers are too big for myself and too small for my husband. If you are a men’s size 9 and have a thing for Pirates (who doesn’t) consider yourself bountiful! $150. At our Haskell location!

Go Go!!

Oh WOW! The original leather and embroidered 1960’s go go boots in a ladies size 7. $150! At our original Mothership Haskell location!

Dancin Shoes

These platforms take skill to kill. Size 8. $48. 1980’s Sequin top. Size medium. $48. At our Haskell location!

Adidas! Rare!!

Vintage 1980’s men’s size 6 1/2 AND unworn! Abdul Jabbar edition ~ made in France! At our Haskell location! $325.

What a Pair

Just a pair of killer 1960’s men’s shoes. These would fit a woman’s American size 9. $88. At our original Mothership Haskell location!

Hideously Puuuurrrfet

A gentleman’s velvet slippers in a size 12. Adorned with golden panthers. $69. At our original Haskell location!!