Catchin Dreams!

Two yarn ‘dream catchers’ made by loving hands at home in the 1970’s. $36-38 each! At our original Mothership Haskell Location!

Winter Attire

Wonderful recycled 1960’s mink with leather panels! $325. At Dolly On Bishop! We always have an awesome rotating selection of vintage recycled furs at both our locations!


A no upper lipped Reba peddling Fritos cutout! $68. At our original Haskell Mothership location!

Turquoise Lady

A real stunner of a piece. Vintage 1970’s statement Navajo necklace. $595. At our original Haskell location! We ship!

From Mars

Purrrfect glitzed out metallic pantsuit with matching hat (with ears) for that New Year countdown on Mars! $88 At Dolly On Bishop.


Adorn yourselves in terrible depressing always tacky holiday broaches! We have too many! At both our locations!