Little Girls Are Made Of

Very sweet framed needlepoint from the 1960’s. A little age worn but still great! $58 at Dolly On Bishop!

Adidas! Rare!!

Vintage 1980’s men’s size 6 1/2 AND unworn! Abdul Jabbar edition ~ made in France! At our Haskell location! $325.

GOOD Tees!

We have gobs and gobs of T-shirts. Good ones along with the bad. At both our locations! Here’s a really good old worn one. $88. At our original Haskell location!!

Killer Clowns

It’s a Clown Town at Dolly On Bishop! Instantaneous clown infestation of your very own can be yours! Pick and choose! Each sold separately!


Vintage jewelry can make a statement all its own.
Green Danish Deco enameled Sterling bracelet $128. Sterling and beaded Native American bracelet. $140. At Dolly On Bishop!

What a Pair

Just a pair of killer 1960’s men’s shoes. These would fit a woman’s American size 9. $88. At our original Mothership Haskell location!