Good Reads

Good vintage reads from the hay days of Melody Maker…….. $25-75.




Released on October 21, 1992, to accompany Madonna’s fifth studio album Erotica (released a day earlier), Sex is a coffee table book like no other. Filled with soft-core pornographic images, she wrote the book as a character named “Mistress Dita”, inspired by the 1930’s film actress Dita Parlo. Shot  in New York City and Miami, the locations ranged from hotels and burlesque theaters, to the streets of Miami. The photographs were even stolen before publishing, but were quickly recovered. In spite mass controversy related to its release,  it was a commercial success with over 150,000 copies sold on the first day. Warner Bros was reluctant to allow Madonna to publish such a book, but gave in after forcing Madonna to sign a contract that forbade her from showing child pornography, bestiality and religious imagery.  Much to their surprise, Madonna founded the entertainment company, “Maverick” shortly there after, giving her total artistic control over any of the work released by Maverick, thus making the agreement she signed with Warner Bros obsolete. This is still one of the most sought after, out of print books, and Cloud 8 Records is proud to sell this mint condition copy here in the store.   Here is a small sample of one of the greatest post-feminist art pieces of our time.



Happy Memorial Day

Today is the holiday that kicks off summer! Here are some great classics we have to offer. Perfect soundtracks for your poolside shenanigans!


We Laughed and Laughed

If you haven’t enjoyed comedy via vinyl, you’re missing out! Some of our favorite, raunchiest, comedies from the vaults of Cloud 8.


(Top Left) Lenny Bruce’s American is a must have for Bill Hicks fans.  Lenny, who was put on trial in 1964 for his obscene methods of social critique and satire, was forced into bankruptcy, and died from morphine overdose in 1966.  Known for his performances to be at their best when he was at his worst, by the time he passed, he had been blacklisted by nearly every nightclub in the United States.  On December 23, 2003, 37 years after his death, New York Governor George Pataki, granted Lenny Bruce a posthumous pardon for his obscenity conviction.

(Bottom Left) The third album released by Richard Pryor, “That Nigger’s Crazy” was recorded live at Don Cornelius’ Soul Train nightclub in 1974.  It won him a Grammy for Best Comedy Album and maintained a spot at #1 on Billboard music charts for four weeks.

(Top Right) Brother Dave Gardner, Kick Thy Own Self, released in 1960 on RCA, after being discovered by Chet Atkins.  Gardner was known for his “beatnik” style comedy and one-liner zings…  “folks used to pray to God for rain, and now they call Washington,”, “Say, a Democrat is somebody who expects somethin’ fer nothin’, and a Republican is somebody who expects nothin’ fer somethin’, an’ a Independent is a cat that greases his own car,” and “If I were bound by either party, well then, I might ferget America,”

(Bottom Right) A spin off from National Lampoon Magazine, “That’s Not Funny That’s Sick!” was released in 1977 on vinyl and is a collection of sketches from National Lampoon Radio Hour running Nov. 17, 1973 to Dec. 28, 1974.  Performers include Richard Belzer, Christopher Guest, Bill Murray, Mel Brooks, and Paul Shaffer.



T Rex, get your T Rex!!

20130506-135701.jpg(Top Left) T.Rextacy : Best of T. Rex 1970 -1973. Rare promo edition in great condition.

(Bottom Left) (A Beginning) : Released in 1972 on Fly Records after the successful release of Electric Warrior in 1971. This is a compilation double album containing the albums My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair… But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows and Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages.

(Top Right) The Slider : This was the seventh studio release, second in glam rock style and was released in 1972.  One of the most popular T. Rex albums then and now, its famous for its two hit singles, “Telegram Sam” and “Metal Guru”.  This is an incredibly rare promo copy, in excellent condition.

(Bottom Right) A Beard of Stars : Fourth studio album release, comprising  Marc Bolan on vocals, guitar, organ and bass and the first release with new partner Mickey Finn (percussion). Released in 1970, it is the first album with  electric guitars.  This is a SUPER MINT gate fold cover, still in the original shrink!  Very rare in the U.S.



“The Possum’s” Last “No Show”

Cloud 8 has been making a big push to broaden the country music LP selection in the store.  Here are a few from Country music legend, George Jones. “No Show” Jones was widely known and often celebrated for his hard-drinkin’, fast-livin’, unreliable reputation which preceded him in the 60’s and 70’s.  With over a 150 hit songs under his belt and buckle, he became an avid, and public complainant of pop influenced, modern country music in his later years.  The 90’s saw Jones and many of his colleagues removed from radio air play for new, weekly, pop hits.  He continued to perform and record right up until the end of his life however, to an ever growing and dedicated fan base. On April 26, 2013, after being hospitalized for fever and irregular blood pressure, Jones died in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 81 years old.



Record Store Day!

In honor of Record Store Day, Cloud 8 Records will be taking 20% off ALL of its music inventory at the store, April 20th and 21st.  Bucks (owner of Cloud 8) will be hanging out all day (both days) giving out sweet deals,  even some freebies!  So when you are done chasing down deals all over town on new release vinyl, come by and pick out your old favorites at Dolly!

Where else are you going to find records like this in Dallas ?!?!?!20130420-112139.jpg

(LEFT) A fabulous, super obscure, collectors album; Nudie & His Mandolin is an original pressing from the famed western Tailor & creator of the “Nudie Suit”, worn by Hollywood and Nashville stars alike.  The inside booklet contains dozens of pictures of Nudie and his celebrity friends.  The inside cover includes autographs by Nudie and Guy Madison.  Record is in good condition, minor wear on cover.

(RIGHT) An album recorded by chance on December 18th 1969: Buddy and The Juniors is a raw, informal, acoustic session consisting of Chicago’s greatest blues artists; Buddy Guy, Junior Mance, and Junior Wells. The impromptu recording was done in one day, followed by one day of mixing in the studio, and later released on the Blue Thumb label in 1970.  Its creation began a long feud with Guy’s label at the time, Vanguard.  After they refused to pay for his flight to New York to mix an album he’d already cut with Junior Mance and Gary Bartz, Guy responded by teaming up with “the Juniors” and Blue Thumb boss, Bob Krasnow, to produce this gritty, must have album for blues lovers.  This marble colored vinyl is in great condition, with minimal ware on cover.

Rare Music Ads from Cloud 8

This New Musical Express ad from 1979 is a double promo for The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle by the Sex Pistols. In collaboration with their manager, Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols created this “mockumentary” which tells a fictional story of the formation, rise and subsequent breakup of the band. By the time the double album soundtrack was released, the band had already broken up (for real). Johnny Rotten’s refusal to participate in recording sessions resulted in the supplementation of John Lydon’s vocals from the October 1976 demo session recording. This rare and historical ad is in great condition and framed to sell. 20130415-130219.jpg


Featured in Melody Marker Magazine in 1976, this is a rare promo ad for Grateful Dead’s live double album, Steal Your Face. It is in great condition and framed for purchase. 20130415-130232.jpg

David Bowie’s 6th studio release, Aladdin Sane (a pun on “A Lad Insane”) was released in 1973. Bowie himself described Aladdin Sane as simply “Ziggy goes to America”, most of the tracks being observations he composed on the road during his 1972 U.S. tour. This original ad from Melody Maker Magazine was the debut of this iconic Bowie image. Excellent condition and framed for purchase.20130415-130241.jpg

Every Bowie Release on Vinyl!

With over 25 studio Albums in his career and 9 live recordings, David Bowie has one of the most eclectic discographies in pop rock.  Cloud 8 Music currently has at least one copy of every studio release in stock, many in duplicates and rare issues.

This super mint, German, RCA import copy of Heroes,  released in 1977, was the second to be released as part of Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” in collaboration with Brian Eno.  One of the most popular albums of his early career and certainly one of his most successful, Heroes inspired other artists as much as it did its fans.  While recording Double Fantasy, John Lennon was quoted to be in hopes of, “doing something as good as ‘Heroes’.”


His seventh and last release with the bulk of ‘The Spiders from Mars’, Pin Ups is composed exclusively of covers.

Bowie’s words from the Album Booklet (included with this copy):

“These songs are among my favourites from the ’64–67′ period of London. / Most of the groups were playing the Ricky-Tick (was it a ‘y’ or an ‘i’?) -Scene club circuit (Marquee, eel pie island la-la). / Some are still with us. / Pretty Things, Them, Yardbirds, Syd’s Pink Floyd, Mojos, Who, Easybeats, Merseys, The Kinks. / Love-on ya!”

This rare promo copy is in great condition with fair wear on the corners of the cover.


Bowie’s fifteenth studio release, Let’s Dance, exploded in 1983, with its Title Track quickly becoming his biggest hit single to date.  Other hits including “Modern Love” and “China Girl” ensured Let’s Dance as his most successful album to date as well, with over 6 million copies sold worldwide.


Monday Blues

Once again, we owe thanks to Monk Records.  This Italian label has been spitting out represses of some of the best early American Blues artists for years, including Blind Blake.  This sealed copy includes 18 phenomenal tracks, an absolute gem.  20130401-130808.jpg

Recorded originally for release on Warner Bro. Records, these early 1940’s recordings have been released on Moses Asch Folkways Records.  There are 10 tracks in total, all songs written by Woody Guthrie. Both the record and cover are in excellent condition.  20130401-130814.jpgRecorded during the late 50’s as the American Folk music revival was just getting underway, Odetta and The Blues was released in 1962.  All of the songs are classic, including covers of Bessie Smith’s “Weeping Willow” and “Nobody Knows You”.  The cover has slight ware on the front, with all corners and edges in good shape.  The record is in great condition.  20130401-130820.jpg