It’s starting to be that time of year again! Put on some mood music! Both our shops have been loaded with annual corny Spooky tunes!

Crap Music!!

We have a carefully curated selection of some of the best shit classics ever heard by man at both our locations!!

Spooky Tunes

Did you know we have a lovely curated record shop in both our locations?  We have restocked our Halloween section!!  

All on Vinyl

We have a wonderful selection of vintage (and some new!) vinyl here at Dolly Python and our NEW LOCATION Dolly ON Bishop (315 N. Bishop in the heart of Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts area) and lots of other nostalgic music related items!!9926c576-a6ec-4f67-9d0a-6dd2e6bef16a


It’s not every day you walk into your shop and a few of your favorite forever fashion heroes are in town shopping! There is a marvelous Dior exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art here in Dallas and it’s brought with it worldwide attention!! I am so very honored to receive this mention in WWD!! And most importantly I wanted to express my gratitude!!! 2ffb2a38-2786-4d5c-a88c-99de60de484c