Sweet Child

Just a beautiful little painted portrait of a little girl of no one we know. Dated on the back 1922. $69


Doll Leg Table

This is a one of a kind table made from metal doll mold legs and antique suitcases. $150.


Record Store Day Everyday

Did somebody say there is a record store day or something? Guess what – at Dolly Python we have a Record Store Eternity instead. No exclusives, no pizza, no bands…just hundreds of mint vintage classics.
So if you don’t need a special Day to remind you what Records are, come see us.


One of a Kind

We have lots of ‘one of a kinds’ to choose from!!! No two things are alike in our store. Chain belt $85. 1950′s spiderweb cuff links $38.



Multiple Personalities

Some of the good people who make our store so great!


Watch Cabinets

This is a set of nine different cabinets watch makers would use to store parts. $89-150.