Kill The Slits Show

Recorded live at the Gibus Club (Paris) in 1978, this is a fabulous avant-garde performance by The Slits at their most fearless.  This 2005 release on Earmark (Italy) is still sealed and a great find for punk fans.  Notable tracks include “femme fatale”, “vaseline”, and “split”.20130325-151829.jpg

Local, Dallas grind-core band Kill The Client, released  their third, full length album, Set for Extinction in 2010.  Their first album to be released on Relapse, this limited edition, colored vinyl issue is still sealed and in great condition!  With 19 tracks blasted at you in a mere 23 minutes, this is a grind lovers dream and must have.  20130325-151821.jpg

Original Pressing.  A must have for any true party animal with a record player.


Inside Miracle

Inspired by a stint in a New York Sanitarium, From The Inside, Alice Cooper’s 11th studio album release came out in 1978 on Warner Bros.  According to Cooper, the songs were all based on characters he met during his stay.  These characters were later used to form the story line for the Marvel Premier #50 comic book, featuring Alice Cooper.  This promo copy is in excellent condition and the cover is in good shape as well.  Priced to sell. 20130318-132603.jpg



“Singing together in a recording miracle”, this MGM release in 1965, produced by Jim Vienneau, features Hank Jr singing along with his father’s recordings with perfect timing and cadence, backed by the Jordanaires.  A gem for lovers of the Williams family tradition.  Cover and vinyl are in great shape.  $14…get it outa here!20130318-132625.jpg


Crimson Testure Symposium

A Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson is a compilation, 2LP set, released in 1976.  The songs were selected by and quoted as “personal favorites” of Robert Fripp.  The cover is in good shape and both LP’s are in excellent condition.

Notable Tracks:

  • “Epitaph”
  • “I talk to the Wind”
  • “Moonchild”
  • “The Court of the Crimson King”20130311-124413.jpg

Released in 1988 on the full length album,  VIVIsectVI, “Testure” received  a 12″ single release on red vinyl shortly after its controversial music video release.  The name is said to be a combination of “testing” and “torture” as its lyrics demonize government animal testing, with graphic images shown in the music video.  Side B includes the tracks “The Second Opinion” and “Serpents”.  Cover and vinyl are both in great condition.20130311-124421.jpg

In spite of the title, this album does NOT contain any poetry.  Melvin Stewart does provide narration in “Scenes from the city”, however there is no other spoken word on the album.  Those who enjoy Mingus’ Mingus Ah Um album will recognize “Slippers” as it forms the basis of “Open Letter to Duke”.  This copy is sealed.


  • Jimmy Knepper – Trombone
  • Shafi Hadi – Tenor and Alto Sax
  • Bill Hardman – Trumpet
  • Clarence Shaw – Trumpet
  • Dannie Richmond – Drums
  • Horace Parlan – Piano
  • Bob Hammer – Piano


Easy Biting Stardust

Released in 71 on Mercury Records, this promo copy is a rare gem with production assistance from both Rod Stewart and Elton John.  20130225-161545.jpg

Thank you Monk for once again re-releasing one of the best blues recording artists in 12″ format.  When 75% of the song titles have the word Blues in them, you know you are doing right!20130225-161553.jpg

This orange label, first edition has just been marked down! Come get it before someone else does! It is in nothing less than mint condition!


Butthole Hooker Motels

Recorded live at the Meridean in San Antonio, TX in 1984. Includes “Wichita Cathedral” and “Cowboy Bob”.  Released on Alternative Tentacle Records with a special thanks noted to River City Music of San Antonio.

“All Rights Up Your Butt”



A great compilation of works by the late, great, John Lee Hooker.  Side A consists of recordings from Detroit via 1949-1950, side B via 1954 (5 songs per side).  “Let Your Daddy Ride” and  “Good Rockin’ Mama” make this European import a must have.  Printed in 2010 on Doxy.



The inner sleeve says it best….

“…..Some of this music is in the movie.  Some of this music is not in the movie…Some of the music that’s in the movie is not in the album.  Some of the music that was written for the movie is not in the movie or the album.  ….Some of the situations described in the song texts are real. Some of them are not so real….”

Composed and orchestrated by Frank Zappa.  Performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Random Cloud 8 Gems





Rolling Stone Mags

Only three issues apart from one another, these super collectable 1972 Rolling Stone Magazines both feature articles by Hunter S. Thompson as well as art from Ralph Steadman.  Come check them out in Cloud 8 Records at the store!







Slim Pogues

Released in 1973 on Acrobat Records, Soul Blues is a late release for Memphis Slim (aka John Len Chatman) who began slamming keys and singing the blues in honky-tonks and dance halls in Memphis in the 1930’s.  While his art certainly grew over his 50+ years of playing, he stayed true to jump-blues on this later release, pounding away on the keys in his notorious style.  Tracks of note include “Cold Blooded Woman” and “Big Bertha”.  This is an original pressing and the vinyl is in great shape with slight wear on the cover.


Known for their Irish folk/Punk Rock hybrid stylings, The Pogues introduced Spanish and Middle Eastern Folk along with Jazz influences on their 1988 release, If I Should Fall From Grace With God.  The utilization of a full drum kit for the first time, as well as the addition of multi-instrumentalist Terry Woods and bassist Darryl Hunt to the group,  make this a landmark album for The Pogues. Staying true to their political activism, heard in the lyrics of many of their songs, this release is loaded with legendary ballads like, “Thousands Are Sailing” and “Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six”.  This is an original pressing with both the vinyl and cover in great condition.


Midnight Meat Puppets Stage

Stage, released in 1978 on RCA, was Bowie’s second live album. A culmination of live performances recorded in Philadelphia, Boston, and Providence, it mostly includes material from his three previous albums: Station to Station, Low, and Heroes (and for nostalgia’s sake, five select songs from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars). Direct instrument and microphone feeds made for a high fidelity recording and an almost perfect emulation of studio quality, with crowd noise at a minimum. This import European pressing is rare in Blue Vinyl as most were translucent yellow. 


A departure from their self-titled debut album, consisting mostly of grunge and harsh vocals, Meat Puppets II is an eclectic collection of songs covering many genres from country, rock, slow acoustic, hard rock, and the occasional psychedelic guitar effect. Released in 1984 on SST Records, this is an epic record with legendary songs like “Lake of Fire”, “Oh, me”, and “New Gods”. In April 1984, Rolling Stone’s Kurt Loder gave the release a raving review, saying it was “one of the funniest and most enjoyable albums of the year……this band has developed beyond thrash music to become a kind of cultural trash compacter”. This original pressing is in great condition. 



One of the greatest jazz albums of all time, ‘Round About Midnight is a landmark album in “hard bop.” Released in 1955, it was Davis’ debut album with Columbia Records. Taking its name from the Thelonius Monk song, “Round Midnight,” (Track 1, Side A) this album marks Miles Davis’ come back after a long struggle with heroin addiction. This sealed, deluxe import repress from 2009 is mint and priced to sell. 


Funk, Funk, Funk

Some fun, “Fonky” eight tracks in the Cloud 8 archives.20130113-144915.jpg

“Live at the Garden”, this 12 track vinyl is a great dance compilation featuring James Brown & The Famous Flames,with hits like “Night Train” and “Hold It”.  Other noteables include The Wobblers, Herb Hardesty, Henry Moore, Clifford Scott, and Hank Marr.20130113-144924.jpg

Released in 1978 on Warner Bros., Funkadelic’s,  “One Nation Under A Groove”.  The inside sleeve artwork is as entertaining as the record itself, including comedic rants like, The Funkadelic DooDoo Awards: “George Puke, Rolling Drones, Donna Bummer, Backstab Dismanagement, Ted Nuisance, Pee Gees, Poot & Fire and those responsible for “Thank Dogs, Its Friday”.20130113-144930.jpg

Its Ken Nordine! Instead of giving my two cents…I’ll just quote Ken on himself.  “Imagine the imagination as a jazz instrument wailing words, verbal riffs that swing from images to ideas to images……It’s also out loud daydreaming that may be of interest to psychiatrists, amateur, or otherwise…..”20130113-144936.jpg