Gift ideas!

Give your loved one (or yourself) something antique and unusual! ‘In Memory Of’ hair broach $88 (as is.) Antique floral locket $58. 09604164-56ad-4d97-8662-9a2f1de51382


Two really cute french self winding mod watches from the late 1960’s early 1970’s. 685a18f0-a549-4ea1-aad2-5fb221584865

Pearl Necklace

Another amazing pearl collar just came into the shop! $48img_4358

Pearl Necklace

Do you like unusual accessories? This pearl collar is pretty great. $58. d96efeff-21fd-444b-9594-297a28060b181


Beautiful larger than life cocktail rings. img_2233

Do Your Best

I love this old medal on a chain. $38. img_1361

The Signs.

An old store Zodiac Sign ring display from the 70’s. $14. img_1334

New On The Block!!

Next door to our shop at Benny Jack Antiques, Benny has curriated a wonderful collection of antique jewelry. Georgian rings, pocket watches, watch chains, fobs, gentlemen’s pocket watches, figas and lockets. IMG_1018

Also! New to Dolly this week!! Erik has brought in a nice selection of jewelry as well!! IMG_1036


Two fabulous pieces of costume jewelry just came in!! Love these Faux tiger claw necklaces. The ‘big’ one is assembled with large brass safety pins!! $130-$225. IMG_0971