Leather vest $85. 1970′s graphic print dress $48. Vintage squash blossom necklace $275. 20140821-121556-44156394.jpg

Patio Set

This is a beautiful patio set by Maurizio Tempestini for Salterini. Table with chairs. $1250. Fiberglass umbrella with cement stand. $389. Tet-e-tete $950 RARE. 20140819-123126-45086830.jpg



Please help this person.

This is a picture of Bucks Burnett. Maybe you’ve heard of him. He owns Cloud 8 Music in Dolly Python.
Last November he went to England. He visited Andy Partridge and Jimmy Page in their homes. He tripped his brains out by the sea, as seen here. He also came back with a lot of great UK vintage pressings of vinyl records.

If you want him to have more great import records for you to buy at Cloud 8 in Dolly Python, he’s going to need more money. Because flying to England to hang with legends, scoring mushrooms, and finding great old LP pressings, is very very expensive.

Buy some records at his store. He wants to give your money to British Airways. Do you want the beautiful imports or not??