Easy Biting Stardust

Released in 71 on Mercury Records, this promo copy is a rare gem with production assistance from both Rod Stewart and Elton John.  20130225-161545.jpg

Thank you Monk for once again re-releasing one of the best blues recording artists in 12″ format.  When 75% of the song titles have the word Blues in them, you know you are doing right!20130225-161553.jpg

This orange label, first edition has just been marked down! Come get it before someone else does! It is in nothing less than mint condition!


Valentine’s Sale on Reincarnate

In honor of the lover’s holiday, all Reincarnate is 20% off now until the 14th!20130202-115115.jpg

Newest Reincarnate

Victorian shoe buckle on vintage findings $135


Victorian pendant on Antique chain with Victorian beads $13020130118-141510.jpg

Vintage locket and “thumbs down” pendnt on Antique chain $8520130118-141519.jpg

Victorian black glass beaded pendant on vintage findings with interwoven vintage chain. $11520130118-141528.jpg

1940’s Day Dress

I love this gorgeous 1940’s cotton dress.  $85.



Muddy Evening Heads from Cloud 8

DJ copy, postwar blues vinyl by Chess records with Elmore James and John Brim.  Deep, emotional lyrics from Elmore with relaxed rhythms from Brim.  Chess records insert included with vinyl. 20130107-160953.jpg

If you love King Crimson, you need this 5 track vinyl with Robert Fripp on guitar and Brian Eno on synth.  Released in 1975, the cover is a reproduction of a painting by Peter Schmidt titled, (no surprise here) Evening Star.20130107-161000.jpg

David Byrne direced and wrote the movie, True Stories.   While this is not the actual soundtrack to the movie, (in which most of the songs are sung by the actors), this album contains Talking Heads’ versions of the songs from the film.  Released in 1986.  20130107-161010.jpg

Accessorize it.






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Hooker, Wells, and a Leadbelly

Three amazing blues records dug out of Cloud 8 Records this morning.  Johnny Lee Hooker, aka “The Boogie Man”, my all time favorite Leadbelly, and my true love, Junior Wells, aka “Hoodoo Man”.

We are still running a sale on records, 15% off your entire Cloud 8 purchase with two or more LPs.  Come get em!20121217-133243.jpg