Allison in Reincarnate

Assembled necklace featuring Victorian Buckle on 1940’s findings with pearlescent and blue glass beads.  $13520130406-145330.jpg

Assembled necklace composed of Deco rosary beads, w/ Victorian coin purse and crucifix on antique Oddfellows pendant.  $11520130406-145337.jpg

Assembled Edwardian and Victorian Lace necklace. $148

Rodent jawbone pin with Deco finding. $4820130406-145343.jpg

Newest Reincarnate

Victorian shoe buckle on vintage findings $135


Victorian pendant on Antique chain with Victorian beads $13020130118-141510.jpg

Vintage locket and “thumbs down” pendnt on Antique chain $8520130118-141519.jpg

Victorian black glass beaded pendant on vintage findings with interwoven vintage chain. $11520130118-141528.jpg