Midnight Cowboy

Stinley is wearing ‘the goods’ from Dolly.




Tiny railroad crossings for train sets. $28 each.


Totem Poles!!!

We have a nice selection of vintage souvenir totems.

The meanings of the designs on totem poles are as varied as the cultures that make them. Totem poles may recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, but others are mostly artistic. Certain types of totem poles are part of mortuary structures, and incorporate grave boxes with carved supporting poles, or recessed backs for grave boxes. Poles illustrate stories that commemorate historic persons, represent shamanic powers, or provide objects of public ridicule.


Boots Galore

Boots!! We got them!! We carry a huge selection of vintage men’s and ladies cowboy boots. We also have a great assortment of motorcycle, combat, and shoes from every decade.


1940’s Pee Wees!!

This is a beautiful pair of 1940’s ladies boots. Size 9. In great condition!! $150.