Frameable Rock Art

CLOUD 8 MUSIC at DOLLY PYTHON always has DOZENS of mint condition ALBUM COVERS ready to FRAME!
Now that album cover frames are common and affordable at mainstream stores, you can choose from lots of great iconic LP COVERS sold without the LP, ready to pop into a frame and bring your walls to life. Starting at $5, these covers are a great addition to your music or living room. So rock it out and hang it up.


8 Tracks

Did you know that Dallas is home to the world’s very first Eight Track Museum? It was opened by Bucks Burnett, who supplies Dolly Python with all it’s vintage LPs.
Python serves as the official gift shop to the Track Museum, and it’s amazing how well they sell. Currently in stock on Track are great cartridges by: BOWIE, VELVET UNDERGROUND, QUEEN, THE CLASH, THE BEATLES, ACDC, and of course, ELVIS.
All cartridges sold are guaranteed to break or malfunction within 30 days. If you buy a track that performs well, just bring it back for one that doesn’t!
And call Bucks at 469.867.4074 to make an appointment to see the Track Museum.


First Editions

Led Zeppelin are in the news again with reissues of their first three albums. You can buy the reissues at Urban Outfitters, or get the real deal vintage first pressings of each at Cloud 8 Music in Dolly Python.

All Zeppelin LPs at Dolly are of original vintage in fantastic shape, and Bucks Burnett always makes sure that all their albums are in stock.

Just in also is their first and only Rolling Stone cover issue and story. Hard to believe they only made the cover once their entire career. But then again, they have always been in the business of defying all logic.

And we are always proud that in 2013 Robert Plant announced that the Zep albums were priced too high at Dolly. So we marked down his solo stuff.



Good Reads

Good vintage reads from the hay days of Melody Maker…….. $25-75.



Three Times a Lady




Top Hat

This is a beautiful gentleman’s collapsable top hat from the 1920’s (my guess) $120.



Funk, Funk, Funk

Some fun, “Fonky” eight tracks in the Cloud 8 archives.20130113-144915.jpg

“Live at the Garden”, this 12 track vinyl is a great dance compilation featuring James Brown & The Famous Flames,with hits like “Night Train” and “Hold It”.  Other noteables include The Wobblers, Herb Hardesty, Henry Moore, Clifford Scott, and Hank Marr.20130113-144924.jpg

Released in 1978 on Warner Bros., Funkadelic’s,  “One Nation Under A Groove”.  The inside sleeve artwork is as entertaining as the record itself, including comedic rants like, The Funkadelic DooDoo Awards: “George Puke, Rolling Drones, Donna Bummer, Backstab Dismanagement, Ted Nuisance, Pee Gees, Poot & Fire and those responsible for “Thank Dogs, Its Friday”.20130113-144930.jpg

Its Ken Nordine! Instead of giving my two cents…I’ll just quote Ken on himself.  “Imagine the imagination as a jazz instrument wailing words, verbal riffs that swing from images to ideas to images……It’s also out loud daydreaming that may be of interest to psychiatrists, amateur, or otherwise…..”20130113-144936.jpg

Muddy Evening Heads from Cloud 8

DJ copy, postwar blues vinyl by Chess records with Elmore James and John Brim.  Deep, emotional lyrics from Elmore with relaxed rhythms from Brim.  Chess records insert included with vinyl. 20130107-160953.jpg

If you love King Crimson, you need this 5 track vinyl with Robert Fripp on guitar and Brian Eno on synth.  Released in 1975, the cover is a reproduction of a painting by Peter Schmidt titled, (no surprise here) Evening Star.20130107-161000.jpg

David Byrne direced and wrote the movie, True Stories.   While this is not the actual soundtrack to the movie, (in which most of the songs are sung by the actors), this album contains Talking Heads’ versions of the songs from the film.  Released in 1986.  20130107-161010.jpg

Wedding With Willie!!

New in Cloud 8 Records!  A framed wedding invitiation for one of Willie’s roadies, at which he played one of his infamous private concerts (noted on the invite).  Included are six, unpeeled, backstage passes ranging from the 70’s to the 2000’s, one of which is autographed!





Johnny Rotten

Due to the recent visit of Johnny Rotten and P.I.L. We decided to do a post dedicated to The Rotten himself.