Beautiful large framed batik painting from India. Roughly 60 plus years old. $145. (Photo depicts close up detail)


The Arts

Beautiful unused vintage art supplies. $45 for all.


Clay Stinnett

We just got in a whole bunch of new works from the ever prolific Clay Stinnett. Here are just a few.



Pinky Diablo Art

We have lots of great art in the store from local artists.  Pinky Diablo is one of Dallas’ finest.  We are always excited to see what he has come up with! Skull spoons $48 ea.  Skeleton paintings $24-27 ea.20130919-134446.jpg




Manson by Frank Kozik


Frank Kozik is an American graphic artist who has worked with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melvins, The Offspring and Butthole Surfers.[1] Kozik runs Man’s Ruin Records, a media outlet and record label, and has published several books including Man’s Ruin: Posters and Art by Frank Kozik,[2] and Desperate Measures Empty Pleasures.[3] Kozik has been described as “one of the rock world’s top poster artists”, and interviewed in Rolling Stone. Kozik created the famous Labbit.[4] He is also a member of the Stuckism art movement.[5]

This is a Hugely collectible signed hand silk screened print.  It is an Artist Proof, after which the numbered copies used different colors making this one especially rare.  It measures 32 inches by 22 inches.  It is in great condition and the price is $250.