We have a nice selection of religious items.



Felix The Cat

Cute little vintage bendy Felix The Cat toys. $28 each!


Naval Photo Escultura

What is a foto escultura?? The technique of photo-sculpture exemplified in the work offered here is uniquely Mexican. It began in the Districto Federal in the 1930s to commemorate significant events in the lives of Mexican and Mexican-American families. The photo images of individuals are captured, cut, and shaped to fit on a thin hand-carved wooden sculpture with a dimensional impact that is very lifelike. The sculptures are generally housed in simple wooden frames between two panes of glass and incorporate the mediums of photography, painting, and sculpture.

This is a particularly GREAT one. $350


Rattlesnake Clock

What a wonderful working clock from the 1960’s with real rattlers set in lucite!!! Amazing!! $165