Talking Heads

Even regular stock copies of TALKING HEADS:77 have gotten hard to find over the past few years; but Cloud 8 Music at Dolly Python is proud to offer two rare pressings of this iconic album.
The promotional copy, which was given to radio stations to promote the band and the album, is a great addition to any Talking Heads collection.
Beyond rare is the crown jewel of Talking Heads LP’s; the original test pressing! Test pressings are the very first copies ever made of an album, usually in quantities of 10-20 at the most.
For a serious collector of the band, what could be cooler than owning one of the very first pressings of their first album? It doesn’t get and better than this. You are quite unlikely to see another copy, anywhere, ever!




For decades Meddle was Pink Floyd’s best kept secret; a cult favorite, beloved but obscure.
But now there is a giant buzz and the secret is out; Meddle is a masterpiece! This is the album that preceeded Dark Side Of The Moon, and is currently the band’s best selling album at Cloud 8 Music in Dolly Python. Now in stock…mint condition U.S. and import copies with no cover wear. Get some Meddle Machine Music!



Nothing Sacred

Released in 1978, Nothing Sacred was David Allan Coe’s 11th studio album release and his fourth independent release.  Released solely by mail order due to its explicit lyrics, this is a rare and super obscure country album.  Some of our favorite tracks, “Cum Stains on the Pillow”, “Pussy Whipped Again”, and “Whips and Things”.  Vinyl is mint, cover is fair.  20130901-143200.jpg

The recordings of Luke the Drifter are inspirational in tone and made up of segments of recitations interspersed with song.  Taken from the back of the record, “This is Luke the Drifter, the wandering poet who has been termed Hank Williams’ other self.”20130901-143233.jpg

The album Honky Tonk Heroes made Waylon Jennings the father of outlaw country. Released in 1973 in collaboration with Billy Joe Shaver, this album is loaded with “sing-alongs”.  This is a mint promo edition.  20130901-143239.jpg

Country Dames from Cloud 8

Everybody’s favorite gals.  Just a few great country picks from the Cloud 8 Vault.  We have a great selection of collectible country and blues vinyl.  20130826-124403.jpg



Stoned, Slow, Rugged


Top Left: Will Barnes, Texas Music in My Blood.  Recorded in 1975 at Autumn Sound Studio in Garland, TX.  This recording was the first and last release for Barnes who was a staple in the honky-tonks and dance halls in and around Dallas in the 70’s.  Drinking songs about Dallas? Yes please. This record is in great shape and a super rare find.

Bottom Left: Dolly Parton, Love Is Like A Butterfly.  Released in 1974 and the 14th studio release by Parton. The single, “Love Is Like A Butterfly” was her signature song for years previous to the album release.  Album is in great condition, cover is near mint.

Top Right:  Rusty Wier, Stoned, Slow, Rugged.  An obscure country outlaw gem, he walked a thin line between southern rock and country music, never truly conforming to either genre hence limiting his commercial success. This was Wier’s debut album released in 1974 on ABC, a must have for any country collector. Its very tough but homey at the same time.  Vinyl is in near mint condition with some ware on the cover.

Bottom Right:  Waylon Jennings’ Honky Tonk Heroes.  Excluding “We Had It All” all of the songs were written or co-written by Billy Joe Shaver.  Recorded in the spring of 1972, this was a pivotal album in the development of “outlaw country”.  Reluctant to release the “rock injected country”, RCA delayed the release until the summer of 73.  Record and cover are both in great shape.


Cuz we’re from Texas!


Cloud 8 has really bumped up its Country, Western, and Blues selection up at the store.  Here are some of our favorites!  Here a song from all these selections at Double Wide Bar in Dallas every Sunday with DJ Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.  $3 You Call Its, All Vinyl, All Night.

Good Timin’ Sundays at Double Wide


“The Possum’s” Last “No Show”

Cloud 8 has been making a big push to broaden the country music LP selection in the store.  Here are a few from Country music legend, George Jones. “No Show” Jones was widely known and often celebrated for his hard-drinkin’, fast-livin’, unreliable reputation which preceded him in the 60’s and 70’s.  With over a 150 hit songs under his belt and buckle, he became an avid, and public complainant of pop influenced, modern country music in his later years.  The 90’s saw Jones and many of his colleagues removed from radio air play for new, weekly, pop hits.  He continued to perform and record right up until the end of his life however, to an ever growing and dedicated fan base. On April 26, 2013, after being hospitalized for fever and irregular blood pressure, Jones died in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 81 years old.



Inside Miracle

Inspired by a stint in a New York Sanitarium, From The Inside, Alice Cooper’s 11th studio album release came out in 1978 on Warner Bros.  According to Cooper, the songs were all based on characters he met during his stay.  These characters were later used to form the story line for the Marvel Premier #50 comic book, featuring Alice Cooper.  This promo copy is in excellent condition and the cover is in good shape as well.  Priced to sell. 20130318-132603.jpg



“Singing together in a recording miracle”, this MGM release in 1965, produced by Jim Vienneau, features Hank Jr singing along with his father’s recordings with perfect timing and cadence, backed by the Jordanaires.  A gem for lovers of the Williams family tradition.  Cover and vinyl are in great shape.  $14…get it outa here!20130318-132625.jpg