8 Tracks

Did you know that Dallas is home to the world’s very first Eight Track Museum? It was opened by Bucks Burnett, who supplies Dolly Python with all it’s vintage LPs.
Python serves as the official gift shop to the Track Museum, and it’s amazing how well they sell. Currently in stock on Track are great cartridges by: BOWIE, VELVET UNDERGROUND, QUEEN, THE CLASH, THE BEATLES, ACDC, and of course, ELVIS.
All cartridges sold are guaranteed to break or malfunction within 30 days. If you buy a track that performs well, just bring it back for one that doesn’t!
And call Bucks at 469.867.4074 to make an appointment to see the Track Museum.


First Editions

Led Zeppelin are in the news again with reissues of their first three albums. You can buy the reissues at Urban Outfitters, or get the real deal vintage first pressings of each at Cloud 8 Music in Dolly Python.

All Zeppelin LPs at Dolly are of original vintage in fantastic shape, and Bucks Burnett always makes sure that all their albums are in stock.

Just in also is their first and only Rolling Stone cover issue and story. Hard to believe they only made the cover once their entire career. But then again, they have always been in the business of defying all logic.

And we are always proud that in 2013 Robert Plant announced that the Zep albums were priced too high at Dolly. So we marked down his solo stuff.




New Venture at Dolly Python! Bucks Burnett, owner of the Cloud 8 Records shop within Dolly, is finally opening his vault of hundreds of classic high end promo rock posters, for sale at his new FLATCO Paper Gallery in Python.
The first batch features extremely rare posters of Mick Jagger, Psychic TV, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bruce Springsteen. The Freddie King poster must be seen to be believed. Also framed is a Stevie Ray Vaughan poster promoting his Greatest Hits album.
Dozens of great rare music posters will be added to the store in the coming weeks!
Most of these posters were never sold to the public and have survived in very small quantity.
FLATCO Paper Gallery is the only store offering posters of this nature to the public in the DFW area. With FLATCO, it’s always polite to stare.


Road Music

Almost all forms of modern music, even punk, can be traced back to American country music. At Dolly Python we are constantly expanding our selection of mint vintage country LPS from the 1930’s through the 2000’s.
Currently in stock and pining for ya are WAYLON JENNINGS, DWIGHT YOAKUM, DAVID ALLAN COE, and a sweet lovin’ hitcher who likes to ride Western. You’d be a fool not to pick her up.


Summer Lovin

Had me a blast with all these iconic musicals. Who knew?




At Dolly Python we get hardcore enough to scare your puppy. Just added to the growing LP selection in the Cloud 8 Music booth by Bucks Burnett:
CRAMPS / A Date With Elvis
DEAD KENNEDYS / Plastic Surgery Disasters
SID VICIOUS / Sid Sings, with Poster
LOU REED / Metal Machine Music

It doesn’t get any more Punky than this!!


Record Store Day Everyday

Did somebody say there is a record store day or something? Guess what – at Dolly Python we have a Record Store Eternity instead. No exclusives, no pizza, no bands…just hundreds of mint vintage classics.
So if you don’t need a special Day to remind you what Records are, come see us.


BIG BIG MUSIC SALE thru the 14th of April!!

Just buy four or more LPs with white price tags, and get the insane discount of 40% OFF !!!
Cloud 8 Music is packed to the gills with great LPs and we have to make room for incoming titles, so grab some great albums at amazing prices!!
It is rare that we offer a discount this extreme.
Sale good thru Mon. April 14. Color tags remain regular price but hey, we can talk.



The Warriors

This is the soundtrack from the infamous 1979 cult classic ‘The Warriors’. $33


Talking Heads

Even regular stock copies of TALKING HEADS:77 have gotten hard to find over the past few years; but Cloud 8 Music at Dolly Python is proud to offer two rare pressings of this iconic album.
The promotional copy, which was given to radio stations to promote the band and the album, is a great addition to any Talking Heads collection.
Beyond rare is the crown jewel of Talking Heads LP’s; the original test pressing! Test pressings are the very first copies ever made of an album, usually in quantities of 10-20 at the most.
For a serious collector of the band, what could be cooler than owning one of the very first pressings of their first album? It doesn’t get and better than this. You are quite unlikely to see another copy, anywhere, ever!