Late 80’s, Early 90’s Vinyl

Due to a lack of demand as vinyl became known as a “dying medium” in the late 80’s (just as we see happening with CD’s today), any vinyl produced after 88 are some of the most coveted pressings for the hardcore collector.  Here are a few of our favorites from the Cloud 8 vaults.20140106-141833.jpg

Top Left: Love and Theft, Bob Dylan. Very rare on vinyl, factory sealed. Released on Sony Music, 2001.

Bottom Left:  Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan. Excellent condition. Released on Sony Music, 1997.

Top Right:  Come Visit the Big Bigot, Severed Heads. Record in excellent condition, minimal wear on cover.  Released on Capital Records, 1998.

Bottom Right:  Victim of Love, Erasure.  Slight wear on record.  Released on Sire Records, 1987.


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