Today I got in 12 cans of the most lethal fart spray on the market. One might ask, what does fart spray have to do with Antiques, junk, and old clothes? Absolutely nothing. Everyone here is really pissed off that we are carrying it and that it is a HUGE mistake but I really don’t care. It’s my goddamned store. Fart spray is awesome and necessary. (BUT YOU WERE WARNED IT IS LETHAL AND WILL CLEAR A ROOM. IT DOES NOT PLAY) $8 20111221-123536.jpg


Dolly python outfits

Gets me through my day and my life. We always have a good time. Fred is wearing a beautiful Victorian cape all silk shaved velvet with a monkey fur trim. I don’t know what Rob is wearing. The scarves are Emilio Pucci. The gun is fake.