New Reincarnate Line Out Today

1930’s Grand Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows Medallions with all seeing eye findings and Vintage glass beads.  $75 – $12520130722-135428.jpg

Mini pocket knife rosary style necklaces. $90 ea.20130722-135434.jpg

Chinese military coin circa 1927 with vintage findings.  $7520130722-135453.jpg

1920s Chinese Military regalia on vintage chain and antique, hand carved, wooden rosary beads.  $75 ea.20130722-135503.jpg

Reincarnate for Mother’s Day!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, new, custom, one of a kind pieces from Reincarnate.

20130511-114143.jpgFinding from the 1930’s with a deep purple glass stone on vintage chain $164

20130511-114201.jpgVictorian paste glass “three links” findings with Mother of Pearl on deco 20’s mounts and vintage chain. $164

20130511-114220.jpgComposed of 100 % Victorian components (paste glass, pin, and glass beads), this delicate piece is amazing! $215

20130511-114231.jpgVictorian paste glass findings, restored beautifully on thin, vintage chain.  $78 ea


Allison in Reincarnate

Assembled necklace featuring Victorian Buckle on 1940’s findings with pearlescent and blue glass beads.  $13520130406-145330.jpg

Assembled necklace composed of Deco rosary beads, w/ Victorian coin purse and crucifix on antique Oddfellows pendant.  $11520130406-145337.jpg

Assembled Edwardian and Victorian Lace necklace. $148

Rodent jawbone pin with Deco finding. $4820130406-145343.jpg