Egyptian Revival

This is a stunning Egyptian revival set from the 1930’s. It is amazing to me that it is still together after all these years. The scarabs are a beautiful blue milky glass (with no chips) and the metal is a type of silver chrome. The bracelet can be easily converted into a necklace. The ring is adjustable. The set itself is of quality and is quite lovely in person. $175.


The Finer Things

Beautiful metal Victorian antique serving tray. $42. Victorian jet beaded ladies shoes. Size 4. $32.


In Memoriam of

Old Memoriam pins of no one we know. Gone but not forgotten. $125


New Reincarnate just in!

Huge Japanese Oni mask Pendant on Vintage Chain. Great for warding off evil spirits.  $9520121202-155432.jpg

Victorian Beaded lace compilation on Vintage Chain.  $165


Vintage Rosary crucifix and Beaded Chandeliers from the 1920’s and teens. Sold individually. $48-$64ea20121202-162528.jpg

Victorian finding with victorian mourning pendant on Antique chain. $185


Cocks and Such…..

Beautiful amulets hand carved from antique walrus jawbone all the way from Indonesia. All have holes drilled so they can be worn on chain or made into jewelry.  $18-38 (while they last)