WWII Era Work Apron

This apron epitomizes the work ethic in the US during the first half of the 20th century, specifically during WWII. This apron smells of the hard labor of the working class man and woman who busted knuckle on steel to give their generation and future generations a life of freedom and hope.

This apron has issues and I love each one. From the grease and oil which is present in touch and aroma, to the visible wear from years of hard, reliable use.




Figural Hitler Ashtray

Hitler was a bad, bad man. He didn’t have many fans on this side of the pond back in during the days of WWII. To show distain for this shitty human being an ashtray was fashioned in the likeness of his greasy head, so that one might put cigarettes out in his gaping mouth. Sorry guys we’re keeping this one. NFS.



Painted WWII Footlocker

This appropriately painted footlocker belonged to Ordinance Capt. David Nathanson, member of the 67th Missile Squadron during WWII. This footlocker is adorned with his squadron’s insignia as well as his name rank and serial number. I’ve seen few like it.