Original Soundtracks

img_409014 Records, located in the far rear corner of Dolly Python, has a plastic crate on the floor with a well curated collection of Soundtrack LP’s.

In great condition, these original pressings sound great and make you feel like you’re at the movies, without paying $9 for a soft drink.

Vintage Cassets

Cassettes are making a huge comeback.
At Dolly Python we have a great curated selection of Rock, New Wave, even Country and Blues on fully working classic cassettes. img_1501

Love Her

We will briefly have this one copy of this NEAR MINT FIRST EDITION vinyl album classic.
This is not the 180 reissue but the very first real deal pressing.
It will be gone soon, or sooner than that.


imageBucks Burnett, who owns the 77 Records store within Dolly Python, managed and produced Tiny Tim from 1984-96, until his passing.

Python is the only music store to give Mr. Tim a divider card! Currently in stock are mint copies (both first edition stock and promo stickered) of his classic Reprise albums.

Arriving soon will be his new America album on color vinyl, so watch this space for details!



You can get >as< classic as The Ramones, but not >more< classic. Sorry Beatles, Zep, Pistols...you are all as classic as The Ramones but not more. You're just not. We have numerous minty first pressings of Ramones albums in stock. Not 180 reissues, but the real fucking deal. IMG_5831

Golden Years

From 77 Records (within Dolly Python) owner Bucks Burnett;

“The sudden loss of David Bowie stunned me like no other hero death before. A sucker punch to the mind, heart and soul, and the bruises are forever. 

I have always been proud knowing that I have the best Bowie section in Dallas. First pressings, imports, promos, and color vinyl LPS. Magazines and 45′s. Two limited edition prints signed by Bowie. And I love meeting other Bowie fans. 

My section is shrinking, of course, as items sell by the day to loving fans. 
Come see the display and section. All vintage Bowie items, from the point in time when they were brand new. 

Life without him will be no fun. But let’s enjoy it anyway. We might find some more golden years.”