Vintage Cassets

Cassettes are making a huge comeback.
At Dolly Python we have a great curated selection of Rock, New Wave, even Country and Blues on fully working classic cassettes. img_1501

Your Floydian Slip Is Showing

At Dolly Python we always have most of the incredible Pink Floyd catalogue in near mint condition.
Not current reissues, but the original first pressings from the 60′s through the 90′s.
Domestic, import, promo copies, with all the original inserts such as posters and stickers.
Why build a wall when you can by the album?!5DE4B7D4-BE5E-4FEA-A5FE-4CD15B6B92F9


One of the most loved and hated controversial albums in the history of Rock, MMM continues to defy explanation or critique.

Dolly Python is the only store IN THE WORLD currently offering both a Promotional copy of the LP, AND a factory sealed 8 track copy.

Other record stores in Dallas win the awards; Bucks Burnett presents the best curated selection of Rare As Fuck that you will ever see in this town, hands down. IMG_0098