Confessions of a Yuppie Junkie

Cloud 8 has some killer vintage Madonna memorabilia and music right now.  This May 1985 issue of High Times featuring Madonna and Rosanna Arquette is loaded full of great pictures and witty interview questions.   20130930-130531.jpg

Super rare Madonna 8-Tracks, Like a Virgin and True Blue.  20130930-130540.jpg

“Dress You Up”, 12″ Maxi – Single, relesaed in 1984, excellent condition20130930-130546.jpg

“Open Your Heart”, 45″ single, released in 198620130930-130552.jpg

Nothing Sacred

Released in 1978, Nothing Sacred was David Allan Coe’s 11th studio album release and his fourth independent release.  Released solely by mail order due to its explicit lyrics, this is a rare and super obscure country album.  Some of our favorite tracks, “Cum Stains on the Pillow”, “Pussy Whipped Again”, and “Whips and Things”.  Vinyl is mint, cover is fair.  20130901-143200.jpg

The recordings of Luke the Drifter are inspirational in tone and made up of segments of recitations interspersed with song.  Taken from the back of the record, “This is Luke the Drifter, the wandering poet who has been termed Hank Williams’ other self.”20130901-143233.jpg

The album Honky Tonk Heroes made Waylon Jennings the father of outlaw country. Released in 1973 in collaboration with Billy Joe Shaver, this album is loaded with “sing-alongs”.  This is a mint promo edition.  20130901-143239.jpg