Jesus Christ!!

Oh its just a painting of Jesus with his disciples being rowed to salvation on a boat by a Viking.  NBD.  At our Oak Cliff Bishop Arts location Dolly On Bishop!

Rat Race

Just another 80’s belt buckle that exploits women and rats at our Oak Cliff Bishop Art District location.

Tiny Horse

Just a small horse head covered in fur and tapestry!  at our location in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts Dolly on Bishop!

By Popular Demand!!

We have a great selection of vintage for men and women at both our locations!  f82bdbcf-ee90-421a-856a-8a64561a7208


We wish you the best and the best is yet to come!!  See you tomorrow!!

Crap Music!!

We have a carefully curated selection of some of the best shit classics ever heard by man at both our locations!!

Dolly On Bishop

She’s a busty Bell Hop water bottle from the early 1960’s at our Oak Cliff Bishop Arts location Dolly On Bishop!  $48.