Little Lambs

This is a fine pair of baby lamb store displays made by Gardner circa 1942. Each lamb is in ‘great condition’ and stands about a foot and a half tall. $289 for the pair.


What a Difference a Frame Makes

Two beautiful wooden tramp art frames.  They are approximately 12″ x 14″. $115 ea.  20130719-132356.jpg



Rainy Day Blues


Top Left: Dynamic Bobby Bland’s, Here’s The Man!!!  Produced in 1962, this was the first Duke album issued in stereo format.  This is a 1988 repress.  Its not the prettiest, but it plays fine! This album is not available on cd and has not been repressed or released since 88.

Bottom Left:  An RCA Legendary Performer Collection, this is a great Woody Guthrie compilation, documenting his finest “Dust Bowl Ballads”. Released in 77, this issue is in great shape with slight discoloration on the cover, but still includes original booklet insert filled with great photos.

Top Right:  Arkansas Trap, one of George “Harmonica” Smith’s few solo releases, shows his strong admiration for the style of Little Walter. Known mostly for his collaborative work with many of the greats like Muddy Waters, his solo work is also a great, rare find. Released in 1971 on Dream (London Records), this is a promo copy in good condition.

Bottom Right:  Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues, was not recognized as such until this 1961 re release on Columbia, allowing his music (recorded in 1936-37) to reach a wider audience for the first time. Now recognized as a master of blues, Johnson died at 27 before his time. This copy in good condition, a must have for any serious blues collector.

Do you have old vinyl records you want to sell!?  Call Bucks Burnett of Cloud 8 Music and he will take them off of your hands.  (469) 867-4074

WWII Era Work Apron

This apron epitomizes the work ethic in the US during the first half of the 20th century, specifically during WWII. This apron smells of the hard labor of the working class man and woman who busted knuckle on steel to give their generation and future generations a life of freedom and hope.

This apron has issues and I love each one. From the grease and oil which is present in touch and aroma, to the visible wear from years of hard, reliable use.




“The Possum’s” Last “No Show”

Cloud 8 has been making a big push to broaden the country music LP selection in the store.  Here are a few from Country music legend, George Jones. “No Show” Jones was widely known and often celebrated for his hard-drinkin’, fast-livin’, unreliable reputation which preceded him in the 60′s and 70′s.  With over a 150 hit songs under his belt and buckle, he became an avid, and public complainant of pop influenced, modern country music in his later years.  The 90′s saw Jones and many of his colleagues removed from radio air play for new, weekly, pop hits.  He continued to perform and record right up until the end of his life however, to an ever growing and dedicated fan base. On April 26, 2013, after being hospitalized for fever and irregular blood pressure, Jones died in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 81 years old.



Vintage Gun Lamp

Cool as shit western themed table lamp fashioned from a (seemingly real) hand gun.




3 Fantastic Distressed Paintings

Three great canvases, too good to toss and cheap to boot!
Call for prices.




Howdy Doody

Allison really does look good in anything!  Great, over sized, Howdy Doody mask she found in the Webbs’ booth.  Fantastic. $29820130419-134053.jpg

Allison in Reincarnate

Assembled necklace featuring Victorian Buckle on 1940′s findings with pearlescent and blue glass beads.  $13520130406-145330.jpg

Assembled necklace composed of Deco rosary beads, w/ Victorian coin purse and crucifix on antique Oddfellows pendant.  $11520130406-145337.jpg

Assembled Edwardian and Victorian Lace necklace. $148

Rodent jawbone pin with Deco finding. $4820130406-145343.jpg

Keystone 8mm Projector with Vintage Burlesque Film

This vintage Keystone 8mm projector has a bold, striking look to it, used either for its intended purpose or just as a display piece this early projector would be a great addition to a visual aid collection. Included with the Keystone is a super cool vintage 1940s burlesque film. $75.