Gift Certificates Now Available!

Just in time for the holidays, we now offer Gift Certificates for any amount and good for any item in the store! You’re Welcome!20131012-113015.jpg

Jumping Bear Whimsy

This lil guy is doing his own thing and we love him. Carved from antler this funny fellow really makes us smile. $130.



Figural Hitler Ashtray

Hitler was a bad, bad man. He didn’t have many fans on this side of the pond back in during the days of WWII. To show distain for this shitty human being an ashtray was fashioned in the likeness of his greasy head, so that one might put cigarettes out in his gaping mouth. Sorry guys we’re keeping this one. NFS.



Spanish Caganer

This squatting fellow, which is yes, taking a dump, is known as “Caganer” (kaya’ne). It’s origins are in the north eastern spanish state of Catalonia. Oddly enough this little guy is considered a christmas ornament and can be found relieving himself near an infant baby Jesus in a common spanish nativity scene. $45.




Prizes and Awards

You cant ignore them, coveted and sought after, these objects of glory and achievement tell the world that you are better than the lesser and worthy of praise. We love these trophys for a different reason, their perfect posture and graceful deco lines stand alone as well crafted pieces of art. Come take a look for yourself, you’ve earned it.
$12-$38. Each.



Bevy of Billikens

The Billiken represents a life of whimsy and merriment, this jolly character was created by American art teacher and illustrator, Florence Pretz of St. Louis, Missouri, who is said to have seen the mysterious figure in a dream in 1908. $28 each.