The Beatles!!!!

Look who showed up at the store today! George, John, and Ringo! Great dolls from 1964.  Individually priced, $65 – $95 ea.  20131228-153011.jpg


Gift Certificates Now Available!

Just in time for the holidays, we now offer Gift Certificates for any amount and good for any item in the store! You’re Welcome!20131012-113015.jpg

Totem Poles!!!

We have a nice selection of vintage souvenir totems.

The meanings of the designs on totem poles are as varied as the cultures that make them. Totem poles may recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, but others are mostly artistic. Certain types of totem poles are part of mortuary structures, and incorporate grave boxes with carved supporting poles, or recessed backs for grave boxes. Poles illustrate stories that commemorate historic persons, represent shamanic powers, or provide objects of public ridicule.


Horns From Nuevo Laredo

This is a old, great, folky, assemblage of horns from the town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. These were fairly common souvenirs back in the day. I believe this one is from the 1940′s. $150