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Keystone 8mm Projector with Vintage Burlesque Film

This vintage Keystone 8mm projector has a bold, striking look to it, used either for its intended purpose or just as a display piece this early projector would be a great addition to a visual aid collection. Included with the Keystone is a super cool vintage 1940s burlesque film. $75.





Original “Death on the Highway” 16mm Film

Before the likes of “Faces of Death” or, the only semblance of human demise paired with the westerner’s familiar reality was in the drivers Ed cautionary films of the 1950s and 60s. This film in particular “Death on the Highway” (without going into detail) matches any gruesome human horror that the former can dish out. These films were created in the hopes of scaring you into safe, proper driving habits. A sort of DMV, stomach churning, cringe inducing propaganda.