Dolly On Bishop

She’s a busty Bell Hop water bottle from the early 1960’s at our Oak Cliff Bishop Arts location Dolly On Bishop!  $48.

Kewpies In Love

So they got married!  Pair of 1920’s kewpie wedding cake toppers!  $48.  At our Oak Cliff Bishop Arts location Dolly On Bishop.  efba886d-6235-4729-bb68-d89d0bdf0a8d

Chainsaw Barbie

This is what happens when two grown men have a couple of cocktails after work and play ‘Closet Barbie’. ’Turnt Out’ Barbie in her lair with her Gucci, stiletto Christmas tree, video cameras, photo of JFK, Lhasa Apso, teddy bears, tiaras, and semi automatic weapons. $85. (PS Barbie’s head has been shaved and someone applied a Lone Ranger mask with a Sharpie Marker. Why? It’s one of life’s many mysteries.)309ab582-8dee-44ab-8392-c1d2a323bccb