Manson by Frank Kozik


Frank Kozik is an American graphic artist who has worked with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melvins, The Offspring and Butthole Surfers.[1] Kozik runs Man’s Ruin Records, a media outlet and record label, and has published several books including Man’s Ruin: Posters and Art by Frank Kozik,[2] and Desperate Measures Empty Pleasures.[3] Kozik has been described as “one of the rock world’s top poster artists”, and interviewed in Rolling Stone. Kozik created the famous Labbit.[4] He is also a member of the Stuckism art movement.[5]

This is a Hugely collectible signed hand silk screened print.  It is an Artist Proof, after which the numbered copies used different colors making this one especially rare.  It measures 32 inches by 22 inches.  It is in great condition and the price is $250.



No rest for the wicked..

We are so grateful to Deb from Dallas Observer for writing this wonderful review of Dolly and our treasured psychic Melinda! Unbeknownst to us, Deb came in last Saturday for a reading. Pick up a copy and see what she had to say!  Here are a few highlights.20130519-130723.jpg

Tonight at Double Wide, Jessica (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades) will be DJing classic country, western, and blues at Double Wide.  Joining her will be  DJ Ol’ Timer, (Steve Berg from 1100 Springs) who is also one of our awesome vendors.  With $3 U Call Its all night, why wouldn’t you go?20130519-131719.jpg

Ephemera of Finance

Used and unused checks from Girard Trust and Republic National Bank, a receipt from the once great jewelry giant Linz Bros as well as a receipt from the iconic, Dallas based Neiman Marcus (when they were still quite a young company).

All are records of money collected and money spent. Not much has changed aside from our penmanship.





The Nicest Thing Ever

It is such an honor to be mentioned in the Bible of Fashion which is Vogue magazine.  Florence, thanks again!!

The lovely and sweet Florence Welch mentions Dolly in this article                             from Vogue magazine.florence

We Laughed and Laughed

If you haven’t enjoyed comedy via vinyl, you’re missing out! Some of our favorite, raunchiest, comedies from the vaults of Cloud 8.


(Top Left) Lenny Bruce’s American is a must have for Bill Hicks fans.  Lenny, who was put on trial in 1964 for his obscene methods of social critique and satire, was forced into bankruptcy, and died from morphine overdose in 1966.  Known for his performances to be at their best when he was at his worst, by the time he passed, he had been blacklisted by nearly every nightclub in the United States.  On December 23, 2003, 37 years after his death, New York Governor George Pataki, granted Lenny Bruce a posthumous pardon for his obscenity conviction.

(Bottom Left) The third album released by Richard Pryor, “That Nigger’s Crazy” was recorded live at Don Cornelius’ Soul Train nightclub in 1974.  It won him a Grammy for Best Comedy Album and maintained a spot at #1 on Billboard music charts for four weeks.

(Top Right) Brother Dave Gardner, Kick Thy Own Self, released in 1960 on RCA, after being discovered by Chet Atkins.  Gardner was known for his “beatnik” style comedy and one-liner zings…  “folks used to pray to God for rain, and now they call Washington,”, “Say, a Democrat is somebody who expects somethin’ fer nothin’, and a Republican is somebody who expects nothin’ fer somethin’, an’ a Independent is a cat that greases his own car,” and “If I were bound by either party, well then, I might ferget America,”

(Bottom Right) A spin off from National Lampoon Magazine, “That’s Not Funny That’s Sick!” was released in 1977 on vinyl and is a collection of sketches from National Lampoon Radio Hour running Nov. 17, 1973 to Dec. 28, 1974.  Performers include Richard Belzer, Christopher Guest, Bill Murray, Mel Brooks, and Paul Shaffer.