Two interesting and striking blades, a WWII US military issue machete by Collins and Co and a turn if the century short sword by German blade maker Fernando Esser.
Machete: $65. Short sword: $225.





1940s Wax Cylinder Dictaphone

A precursor to magnetic tape, the wax cylinders accompanying this late model Dictaphone were used for recording and playing back a low quality but audible sound, most often the voice of an administrator or secretary in an office setting. This particular model was in production in the early 1940s.





Easy Biting Stardust

Released in 71 on Mercury Records, this promo copy is a rare gem with production assistance from both Rod Stewart and Elton John.  20130225-161545.jpg

Thank you Monk for once again re-releasing one of the best blues recording artists in 12″ format.  When 75% of the song titles have the word Blues in them, you know you are doing right!20130225-161553.jpg

This orange label, first edition has just been marked down! Come get it before someone else does! It is in nothing less than mint condition!


Egyptian Revival

This is a stunning Egyptian revival set from the 1930′s. It is amazing to me that it is still together after all these years. The scarabs are a beautiful blue milky glass (with no chips) and the metal is a type of silver chrome. The bracelet can be easily converted into a necklace. The ring is adjustable. The set itself is of quality and is quite lovely in person. $175.