Leather Lovin Ladies

4 great vintage leather jackets. All are a size small and are in great shape. (One is even from Contempo Casuals haha) $75-195. Release your inner Tawny Kitaen!!20121219-115045.jpg20121219-115103.jpg20121219-115122.jpg


Hooker, Wells, and a Leadbelly

Three amazing blues records dug out of Cloud 8 Records this morning.  Johnny Lee Hooker, aka “The Boogie Man”, my all time favorite Leadbelly, and my true love, Junior Wells, aka “Hoodoo Man”.

We are still running a sale on records, 15% off your entire Cloud 8 purchase with two or more LPs.  Come get em!20121217-133243.jpg



Vintage I (Gretchen) Personally Love

I love a well worn and repaired work jacket. You can tell who ever wore this put in a hard days work. I can almost picture his wife lovingly repairing it on Sundays after church. $65. I love this great nautical themed belt $36. AND……..I love this gigantic 1970′s Levi’s laundry bag. $48.





Handmade Nativity Scene

After years of collecting broken Dolly “want me nots” I realized that I had the perfect assembly for a nativity scene. All of the characters are present; three kings bearing gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The royal family; an exhausted Mary resting, a young Joseph looking over his new family, and sweet baby Jesus, swaddled in a bed of hay. The angel is my favorite with her wings made of Victorian brass findings. The manger is assembled from hand selected twig findings. A modest price of $150 after weeks of work.




The Shallow Crackle Waits

Record sale is still going on for a limited time! Buy two records and get 15% off of your entire Cloud 8 Records purchase!!

Waits’ first album since The Black Rider in 1993, Mule Variations was a huge success with a European and North American tour. Most known for his hit, “Hold On,” this LP is still in its original seal and a must have for any fan.  20121210-143551.jpg

Echoes in a Shallow Bay EP, an unintentional release by Cocteau Twins in 1985, features material initially recorded to test the production capacities of a new studio.  After tracks like “Pale Clouded White” were done, it was decided the material was good enough for release, thus the recording process was finished and released on two EPs. The first titled, Tiny Dynamine, was released two weeks prior to Echoes in a Shallow Bay. An interesting note, although Fraser’s vocals are often hard to decipher,  all of the song titles are associated with butterflies and moths.  


Peter Murphy’s Bauhaus, often referred to as the first “Goth” band, introduced their dark and gloomy sounds in 1978 and enjoyed a semi-successful run in their English homeland before the bands collapse due to internal feuding in 1983.  A reunion tour in the late 90′s made for a newfound success in the states with a thriving “goth” culture, but again disbanded after their final release, Go Away White in 2008.  This still sealed, Best of Bauhaus Crackle double vinyl includes hits like “Burning From The Inside,” “Dark Entries,” and “Kick In The Eye”.