Spanish Caganer

This squatting fellow, which is yes, taking a dump, is known as “Caganer” (kaya’ne). It’s origins are in the north eastern spanish state of Catalonia. Oddly enough this little guy is considered a christmas ornament and can be found relieving himself near an infant baby Jesus in a common spanish nativity scene. $45.




Funeral Curtian

This is a silk velvet funeral curtain from the Victorian times. This curtain is about 9 feet long and 7 feet at its highest point. It conveniently folds up into a suitcase because it was used as a back drop in homes, cemeteries and churches or whenever the sad occasion would arise. It is in immaculate condition probably bc it was stored in its case most of its life. $1200. Odd Fellows Eye ceremonial tunic $248


The Sacred Heart

A beautiful hand painted on silk scared heart probably from the 1890′s (that is my guess). Measures a little under 2 feet in length. In the original frame. One of the prettiest ones I’ve seen in a long time. $275


Leather Lady

Leather Harnesses are not for dark alleys any more!!





Prizes and Awards

You cant ignore them, coveted and sought after, these objects of glory and achievement tell the world that you are better than the lesser and worthy of praise. We love these trophys for a different reason, their perfect posture and graceful deco lines stand alone as well crafted pieces of art. Come take a look for yourself, you’ve earned it.
$12-$38. Each.



Good ol Patti Smith

Just a few items we have here on the legendary Patti Smith.



New Jewelry from Reincarnate

Jessica just assembled 12 or so unique pieces of jewelry made of human teeth, antique hair fobs, watch chain, rosaries, IOOF fobs, portraits and other lost findings. Every piece is one of a kind. $64-120.





Thank you Dallas Observer for the ‘Dallas Best Vintage Clothes’ award!!  (Here is a the insert on what they had to say about our shop!)

This 3,800-square-foot warehouse space located on one-way Haskell is home to some of Dallas’ most uncommon clothing items. Owner Gretchen Bell opened the space in 2005 and has since hand-selected a large collection of women’s and men’s clothes ranging from the 1940s through the 1980s. From mid-century prom dresses to Western wear, fur coats, costume jewelry and a massive boot selection, Dolly Python is the best place to go for unusual vintage finds. There are also more than 20 antique dealers who rent out space in the warehouse and sell antique treasures like old cameras, dishware and furniture, so the friend you brought along with you on your shopping excursion should be able to amuse themselves while you try on an enormous stack of sequined ’80s sweaters.

Antique Child’s Singer Sewing Machine

Incredible fully functional child’s sewing machine circa 1933. These were produced and marketed towards young girls during the first half of the 20th century, a complete working sewing machine made of cast iron, it could be used for small tasks such as mending and creating a hem. $175.